Elinors (2015) is a series of sculptural installations that reinterprets the inner life of Elinor Dashwood, a central character in Jane Austen’s 1811 novel, Sense and Sensibilities. While Elinor represents reason and propriety in the novel, she is oftentimes the pivot between sense and sensibilities—managing the social realm in public and intimate scopes without exposing her own privacy. This theme of inter-subjective dialogue remains to be a key concern of modernism more than a century later and beyond. In particular, it echoes modernist architecture’s credo to merge the inside with the outside where expansive windows and the framing of interior spaces seem to reprise Austen’s literary trope of the screen. In hybridizing the literary with the architectural in this series of work, I imagine how I would find my way through Elinor’s obfuscations as if these are interior moments that can be gauged with various sculptural registers.

 Elinors: Northeast   Wood, tape, foam, framed photograph 
 Detail.   Framed photographic pigment prints.