Julietta Cheung is an interdisciplinary artist who works with language and everyday objects. Drawing from her background in graphic design where she worked with typography in printed matter and in architectural environments, Cheung’s current work attends to the visual and material properties of language, and the language-like characteristics of tangible, functional things.

In Cheung’s text-based and language-inspired works, she explores how typography, sculpture, and performance are entangled. Through her appropriations of popular writing from the public domain and her experimentions with the wordless language of common utilitarian objects, Cheung’s work teases apart the familiar visual and semantic systems of her sources to iterate new formal and conceptual conjunctions.

To the audience, Cheung’s work appears as reading scenarios where atomized texts and defamiliarized object components can be re-assembled. Through embodied viewing and reading engagements, Cheung’s work invites the audience to question how readymade ideas and attitudes become naturalized, and how the public writes its own self-constitution.